Presentations with Flowers

J speaks to audiences through flowers. Flowers are part of his philosophy and lifestyle – therefore his presentations always include flowers. J’s Flower Presentations are customizable and can be geared to Flower lovers of every age and skill level. Simply put… it’s time to have “Fun with Flowers and J”- and inspire your audience to start their own “Life in Bloom”.

Author Talks

Award Winning Author of “Fun with Flowers – Your Guide to Selecting, Enjoying and Arranging Beautiful Flowers,” J believes flowers should be just that -  “Fun”. J creates an easy, fun-loving atmosphere in which he shares fun flower projects from the book or similar concepts or new flower arranging ideas. . If you’ve ever been intimidated by arranging flowers, J seeks to give you a new perspective and helps you become empowered- when it comes to flowers and flower arranging.

Award Winning Author of “Bloom 365” The Essential Guide to Arranging Flowers Every Day” - includes 365 of J’s Favorite Tips, Tricks and Hints for Arranging Flowers- arranged in helpful categories- for example- Tools, Choosing Flowers, Recycling, Cut Flower Care, and much more!

A Book Signing Event with both of J’s Books may accompany this or any of J’s Presentations with Flowers.

J’s NEW CD, “Music for Arranging Flowers” - includes the popular, relaxing soundtrack from “J Schwanke’s Life in Bloom” and is a favorite background to calm, empower, and encourage creative Flower Arranging.

Corporate Events

Need to get an important message across to your audience? Flowers engage an audience like nothing you’ve ever experienced. Flowers make for a friendly, accessible and unexpected medium for communication. J turns people’s feelings into flowers and has been doing so for decades. His corporate presentations speak to the importance of communication, improved self-esteem, positive thinking – all reflected in the power of flowers…both figuratively and literally.

Spouse Programs

What if your spouse programs did more than fill time in a schedule? J’s program provides entertainment and truly useful information about Flowers, presented in a fun, yet professional way. J shares stories from a lifetime filled with Flowers. Virtual tours of Flower Farms can also be incorporated. J demonstrates how easy it can be to arrange flowers for entertaining, holidays or everyday. J may invite a lucky attendee (or two) to join him on stage in the flower fun. It’s time to feel good… with Flowers!

Home & Garden Shows

“Living a Life in Bloom” & “Fun with Flowers and J” are both popular events at Home and Garden Shows. J shares popular as well as lesser-known, unique flowers. Easy-to-create flower arrangements and ideas for enjoying flowers in your home, and interior spaces are demonstrated (and may be given away to lucky attendees). Everyone Loves Flowers and J will engage your audience with his special Flower Empowerment Passion.

*Inquire about single blossom, flower bunch, and other “Flower Give-away” opportunities from J’s Flower Farm Sponsors

Garden Center/Nursery

When Spring is in the air, it’s time to activate customers as J shares Colorful Combinations, Hot Trends and Creative Ideas for Garden, Landscaping and Outdoor Living Areas. J’s Garden Seminars may include demos of container gardens as well as a review of your new Flower and Plant offerings. Don’t forget J loves to arrange flowers from the garden- and can inspire your customers to start creating their own “Life in Bloom” Cutting Garden!

Customers will gather family and friends and start their Holidays with J’s Festive Holiday Decorating and Flower Arranging seminars! J shares tips, tricks and hints for the Holiday Season and when it comes to the Holidays, J pulls out all the stops! J’s Holiday Ideas and Projects truly engage attendees and help them discover new ways to celebrate the holidays – and create new and lasting traditions. With NEW Seasonal “Life in Bloom” Special Shows coming to Public Television- it’s the perfect way to bring your customers- and “J’s Holiday Inspirations” together!


Flowers themselves are a work of Art making them a natural event companion in museums. J “paints” and sculpts” with flowers, foliage and plant material, using color combinations and unique textures to create Living Works of Art. Museum Programs may feature flowers and foliage from around the World – or take an “American Grown” approach. Flowers take center stage in compelling Artistic creations from this talented Flower Artist.

Botanical Gardens

Flowers make the occasion and J brings the Celebration when it comes to flowers and foliage. Using Nature’s own Flowers and Foliage, J creates artistic masterpieces for his audiences, all while sharing entertaining stories from a lifetime filled with flowers, J shares the beauty wonder and passion of the Flower World in his flower presentations.

"I attended a session given by none other than J Schwanke titled "Future Flower Trends". There is no better presenter at 8 am, than J!  He is like a flamboyant bumblebee stinging you with intellect and humor while making it all feel good. I will summarize what I learned by saying that you must keep your eyes and ears open to what is out there in front of you every day. Color, texture, form and theme. His hot new trends are Fairy Tale, Heirloom, Cumulus, and Fleur La Table."

- Williee Armellini,