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The essential guide to arranging flowers every day

- by J Schwanke with Kelly Blank

Tips, Tricks, and Techniques for Arranging Flowers

Whether you’re a beginner, master gardener, flower professional or anywhere in between, Bloom 365 has ideas galore. It helps you take flowers beyond the garden and into the home. A wealth of information and ideas are presented on arranging flowers, so all may benefit from the profound gifts of relaxation and enjoyment that flowers offer. Printed in the U.S.A.

From the foreword by P. Allen Smith...

“Bloom 365 – is an abundance of valuable information for arranging flowers beautifully. My flower friends, J and Kelly, have a particular passion for flowers and love sharing their enthusiasm through their helpful tips, insights and ideas for inspiring to have flowers in our lives every day. ”

– P. Allen Smith, Gardening and Lifestyle Expert, Author and TV Host

12 VARIANT COVERS (listed below): Bloom 365 features 12 variant covers with your favorite flower, showcased courtesy of Flower Farmers, Flower Sellers and Flower Associations. Each variation has the same content inside...only the covers are different.

  • Bloom 365 (Gardenia cover, Kitayama Brothers)
  • Bloom 365 (Tree Peony cover, SF Brannan Street Wholesale Florist)
  • Bloom 365 (Garden Rose cover, CalFlowers)
  • Bloom 365 (Telstar Iris cover, Flowerbud.com)
  • Bloom 365 (Ranunculas cover, Mellano & Company)
  • Bloom 365 (Gladiolus cover, Glad-A-Way Gardens)
  • Bloom 365 (Stock cover, Joseph & Sons)
  • Bloom 365 (Dahlia cover, The Certified American Grown Campaign)
  • Bloom 365 (Hydrangea cover, Esprit Miami)
  • Bloom 365 (Allyson Garden Rose cover, Eufloria Flowers)
  • Bloom 365 (Sunflower cover, uBloom.com)
  • Bloom 365 (Tulip cover, uBloom.com)

Fun With Flowers

A guide to selecting, arranging and enjoying beautiful flowers

- by J Schwanke

*Foreword by Debra Prinzing, Author of “The 50 Mile Bouquet and Slow Flowers”

8” x 8” – 144 Pages, Full Color, Published by uBloom/J Schwanke Productions

In his First Book Publication, J shares his ideas, tips and advice for Arranging Flowers. Featuring 42 Projects, complete with hints, sketches recipes and photos, allowing you to share J’s love of flowers, foliage and design.

These Fun Flower projects include inspirations for Color, containers, tools, and J’s Favorite Flowers, Friends and Family History. The perfect gift for Professional Florists, Event Designers, Gardeners or Enthusiasts… J’s ability to pair beautiful flower photography, charming stories, detailed recipes and helpful hints make “Fun with Flowers” a must for anyone that loves Flowers.

What people are saying about “Fun with Flowers” by J Schwanke…

“Everything can be taught, but those few who are born with both passion and talent to make outstanding floral design look easy are a rare find. When it comes to flowers and design, follow Jay!” “This book clearly demonstrates in simple steps and colorful images that flower arranging is indeed fun, pleasurable and shows how expression in floral art can be for everybody”

-René J. van Rems, AIFD. René is an author, international presenter, speaker and principle design instructor at Rene Floral Training Center, Carlsbad, CA

“J Schwanke is a multi-talented artist and teacher who creates magic with color and flowers. And best of all— he shares his abundant knowledge with everyone in an engaging and instructive way. This is a long-awaited book that is well worth the wait”

-Leatrice Eiseman, director Eiseman Center for Color information and Training, Executive director, Pantone Color Institute

"Our team was so motivated to assist with your talk! I’m glad they got to experience such a positive environment and to work with one of the best speakers in the industry. Also, all the flowers---amazing!"

- Debbie Mola-Mickler, Disney's Horticulture, Business Integration and Planning