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Flower Design is a unique and creative skill. Reading books can help us define the elements and principles of Flower Design. However, we learn better when we visually see the Flower Design Process in motion. Ultimately we learn best and understand the most when we actually place the flowers ourselves. J provides entertaining and relatable instruction in Flower Arranging and Design. His process is based in simplicity and helps you identify your strengths. Flower Arranging is enriching and provides emotional fulfillment. J helps you discover the Flower Artist inside yourself.


We learn best when we visually see the process and then are able to execute the technique with our own hands. J’s hands-on classes include experiences with Beautiful Flowers, Incredible Foliage and the Best Flower Products and Professional Tools. Students create their own Flower Projects to learn, perfect and master specific techniques.


J’s Beginner Hands-On Flower Arranging Classes are the Perfect Place to start encouraging your passion for flowers. J takes the intimidation out of Flower Arranging and shares helpful tips, hints and techniques that will give you the confidence to arrange beautiful flowers. Using Beautiful Flowers and Foliage, J guides you through expert care practices and easy to follow instructions. Students create their own project and get to interact one on one with J to learn flower Arranging.


Geared to Florists, Wedding and Event Designers, J’s Hands-On Professional Classes are for those that have some level of ability in Flower Design. These professional Classes are specifically designed to allow Flower Designers the opportunity to perfect and master Professional Flower Techniques and Mechanics.