J’s experience in the Flower Industry is comprehensive. He has degrees in Marketing and Public Relations. J’s lifelong experiences in the Flower Industry, including stints as a Successful Retail Florist, Wholesale Customer, Flower Buyer, Wedding and Event Designer, Trend Expert and Colorist, and Product Development Specialist – J offers the Very Best in Consulting Services for the Flower and Decorative Industry.

Flower Industry Expert

As a 4th Generation Florist, and Owner of his own Success Flower Business, J is the Flower Industry Expert. His lifelong interaction and involvement in the Flower Industry at the Retail, Wholesale and Grower Levels provide unique insight and a flower-focused creative approach to Everything Flowers.

Trend Forecasting

As the Design Expert for the entire Flower Industry, J sees the latest Trends and Colors as soon as they hit the market. In addition J has authored many flower specific Trend Reports- and continues to help a myriad of Trend forward companies- continue to Focus on Flowers!  J helps you stay on Trend, revealing the Hottest Flower Trends, NEW and Popular Flowers, and Emerging Colors for the Entire Flower Industry. J’s Trend and Color Forecasting benefits Industry Leaders in Growing, Manufacturing, Catalog Direction, New Production Development and Display and Merchandising.

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Mass Market and Grocery Floral

The correct Flower and Foliage mix along with an appropriate Color Palette and proven Marketing Concept are vital ingredients to Profitable and Successful Flower Selling Campaigns. Nowhere else is this more evident than in Grocery Store, Nursery and Garden Center or Mass Market Outlets. J brings his Flower Expertise to Flower Companies to help them translate their Flowers and Foliage into the Language Consumers – and Mass Market Buyers – understand and purchase.

Product Development

New Flower products have to be Creative, Cost Effective and Valuable, J’s vast experience in the Flower Industry allows him to create products and services that become valuable assets, and saleable products in the Flower Industry. As the creator of the Gala Bouquet Holder, J revolutionized and simplified the Wedding Bouquet Design Process. As the Creative Director of the Flower Fan Deck, J combined education, with innovation to create the world’s first color based Flower reference guide.

Flower Businesses

Everyone wants to succeed in the Flower Business – however sometimes you need good advice to overcome the rough spots. J is a dedicated and seasoned flower industry veteran that can help you mitigate challenges, re-define your mission, and increase your success. J Schwanke brings his knowledge of the Flower industry as a whole – to your flower business – to help you advantage your opportunities and increase your bottom line.

Flower Design

Flower Design doesn’t have to be difficult. It can be easy, feel natural and, (of course) beautiful. J knowledge and skill in the art of flower design can help you improve your mechanics, embrace the elements and principles of design and increase your artistic and creative ability. What ever happened to “Pretty?”J will help you rediscover your Passion for Flower Design.