J is talented, charismatic and has a unique passion for flowers and all of these traits come to light in his flower presentations and speaking engagements!

J Schwanke IS the “Flower Guy”… he’s been growing his flower passion since birth at a Flower Convention… (yep that got your attention, didn’t it? And it’s true! ). J has been capturing the attention of and making friends with people in the flower industry for decades.

J realized early on that he possessed a unique Passion for Flowers. His roots as a 4th generation florist along with a genuine Flower-loving persona gave him a leg up. J has learned to identify the needs, wants and desires of his Flower loving audiences...who come from all walks of life. He has developed effective techniques in advising others on how to turn their love of flowers into a “flower-ful lifestyle"… surrounding themselves with the beauty and benefits of flowers and plants 24/7!

"He's the Bob Ross of Florists"

- Agata Salata

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"Our team was so motivated to assist with your talk! I’m glad they got to experience such a positive environment and to work with one of the best speakers in the industry. Also, all the flowers---amazing!"

- Debbie Mola-Mickler, Disney's Horticulture, Business Integration and Planning